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B R E A T H E …

August 27, 2008

Take a deep breath…
What we all need…
what we all share …
does not harm another to receive…
what is essential to all our living….
we don’t git it thru striving…
we don’t need motivation thru competition…
what we cannot live without for more that 6 mins…
we git more if we’re without tension…
just breathe…
just breathe in…
just breathe in love…

we cannot of ourselves stop breathing…
Is the truth, we are not doing the breathing?
are we being breathed? 


Congresswoman Maxine Waters B-day!

August 15, 2008

Today is Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ Birthday (1938)…. I wrote a song for her a coupla months ago…She is the second black woman from California to be elected to Congress….here are the lyrics….

She don’t twist in synthetic truth to cover her ears

for what? seem like years

to keep us pretty


blind to her

Fier/f e a r/ce  beauty


I seen justice flowin’ like Maxine Waters

no trickle down

she don’t let it roll off her back no

she don’t leave her sons and daughters





as the levy’s rise

she ain’t out


acting free

like me

no she restlin’ with my peoples’


(down that water way after Mississippi was purchased as a slave, put more wood in the water, more bone in the trees, more leaves in the hands of thieves will take everything ‘cept responsibility…)

she don’t need no hand out she know what she put in she git out

she got the ways and means


pavin’ the poundment from furious st. louis to tireless cali

til the world know

from the first

from the first

from the first

black woman’s for ’em

the first black woman’s forum

She ain’t out


actin’ free

like you with me

nah she restlin’ with her people’s


if not now when the hell when?


“GET IT DONE” Maxine Waters…


August 13, 2008

I let him


I let him go

I don’t wanna think twice

I’d rather be all alone

jus’ waiting

lookin’ up


for lightin’ to strike

cuz the man who took my thunder -he’s gone

will I find my building block ?

my love my rock?

temptation roun’ ev’ry corner stone

lie waiting

waiting waiting waiting

I let him go

I let him go

I don’t wanna make nice

I’d rather be all alone


not lookin’ down


for him to strike out

what God create let no man put asunder

a fractal of divine grace and wonder

my love my shame

two or more are gathered in his name


waiting waiting waiting

will I heal within

will I grow to love again….


August 11, 2008

she rose to life pedaling her dream…


August 11, 2008

If a man has been rejected by his mother or a woman rejected by her father, you can expect to feel these experiences thru out your relating with him or her until they can feel the loss completely and only then be whole and love holy.

“Below even the sunniest and most secure human relationship, the abyss lies waiting – because our lack of faith is fascinated by the possibilities of the night side of life.”  Dag Hammarskjöld “markings”